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The hours after school can be a very productive time.  We strive to provide three main things in our after school program:  keeping kids safe during the after school hours, helping kids improve their academics, and providing supervised and constructive activities such as Tae Kwon Do training.  Our program provides your child with the opportunity to learn while having fun and building self-esteem.  We emphasize fitness, discipline, and respect for others.  We help students learn how to manage their time, control their behavior, and be responsible for themselves.  These are values we hold for a life time.  This is what martial arts is all about!

Tiger Martial Arts Academy’s after school program provides:

    • After school transportation
    • An opportunity to complete homework and study
    • Daily Tae Kwon Do Instruction
    • Activities to improve discipline, focus, and confidence
    • Teacher Workdays and inclement weather care (with additional fee)


*We make every attempt to remain open during inclement weather, however, the safety of our students and staff is most important.  We will close the school if the weather situation is deemed too dangerous for travel.