Summer Camp And Seasonal Camps

Join us for an exciting and memorable summer filled with martial arts, physical activity, fun and games! Make new friends, while learning Tae Kwon Do from our certified Masters and Instructors. They will provide friendly and knowledgeable instruction in the proper forms and techniques of Tae Kwon Do. You can sign up for any number of days or weeks. In addition to Tae Kwon Do classes, our campers enjoy daily field trips, arts and crafts, cooperative games, and time in our computer lab. They receive specialized attention in a group setting, while achieving their personal goals through the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of martial arts. Tiger Martial Art’s summer camp is a unique learning opportunity for your child.

Seasonal Camp Activities

Vans at movies

Tae Kwon Do Classes:

  • Classes are held on special, padded mats.
  • Conditioning & Physical Fitness (Strength, Stamina, Coordination, and Flexibility)
  • Character Training (Focus, Respect, Confidence, Discipline, Integrity & Self Control)
  • Forms & Sparring
  • Self Defense
  • Teamwork
  • Air and space

  • Special Martial Arts Techniques
  • Computer Lab
  • Reading Time
  • School Skills Review

Additional Activities:

  • Cooperative Games
  • Board Games
  • Camp Skating

  • Strategy Games
  • Cookout

Other Sports and Games