Junior Tigers (Age 6 ~12)

Junior Tigers

A foundation in martial arts will build great character and help maintain confidence and focus in school and at home.  Junior Tigers classes are Tae Kwon Do classes specifically for children age 6 ~ 12 years old.  The learning environment has a big impact on a child’s personality.  Experienced Masters, friendly instructors and our leadership team help each student improve and do their best to achieve their individual goals.



–          Respect and courtesy towards everyone through proper body posture and eye contact.

–          Taking turns, working independently and in groups.

–          Improved self-control and social awareness.

–          Team building and leadership skills.


–          Setting and achieving goals at home, school and in Tae Kwon Do.

–          Respect for self and others.

–          Confidence – “I will try and I can do it” mentality.

–          Listening to and following instructions.

           Physical Training

–          Both gross and fine motor skills are learned through a variety of exercises.

–          Games and activities strengthen and balance both sides of the body.

–          Development of eye-hand coordination and special awareness.

–          Increased strength, agility, flexibility and coordination.

           Confrontation Prevention

–          Martial arts is for self-defense only.

–          Students learn to be aware of their surroundings to avoid potential danger.

–          Demonstrate respect and self-control to prevent confrontations.

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