Teens & Adults (Age 13 and up)

Teens & Adult

Martial arts is a great way to maintain and improve flexibility and overall physical fitness.  Our  Teens & Adults classes are high endurance Tae Kwon Do classes specifically designed for older students.  These classes cover a variety of techniques including self-defense and sparring, but they are also much more than that.

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Kicking and Sparring

– A variety of kicking combinations is used to focus on sharpness, speed, and accuracy of the techniques.

– Tae Kwon Do sparring training  helps to apply the kicking and blocking techniques in different situations.

– Sparring exercises are used to increase speed and reaction time.


Hand Techniques  and Forms

– Practicing hand techniques helps students to apply their knowledge in a close distance self-defense situation.

– Practicing forms emphasizes offensive and defensive hand skills, which are not emphasized in sparring.

– Forms help improve overall physical balance.



– Knowing your own physical ability, setting goals, and analyzing results is very important.

– Body weight exercises are used to improve overall muscle strength and flexibility.

– Conditioning exercises are used to strengthen and balance both sides of the body and improve coordination, agility, and speed.


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